Saturday, November 12, 2016

white night

I am a white male American.  But I am struggling to think of white Americans as good people.

The catastrophe of a Trump presidency was produced by a majority of white Americans voting for him.  Everyone else did not.  Many whites of course voted against him, though a definite minority.  More white Americans did not vote at all, enabling his win.

Millions of non-whites now tremble in fear across the nation.  Immigrant families feel under siege.  Black Americans feel even more targeted for police brutality and vigilantism.  Women feel sexual predation and sexual violence are now normalized.  Gays feel threatened.   Schools are filled with newly enabled bullies.  Swastikas springing up.  An energized KKK plans rallies.  Journalists under attack.  A hateful antisemitism is now ordinary.  Muslims or anyone who even looks Muslim are attacked, harassed, intimidated.

Our allies and trade partners stare at us, transfixed.  Aghast.  Billions across the globe are now gravely concerned about a crumbling defense order that protects them against aggression and even nuclear war.  Democracies across the planet worry that the pattern set now by Trump and America will take root in their nations, unraveling their societies.  Autocrats and dictators across the world gleefully make plans patterned on Trump's tactics.  All the gains made against global climate change are being rapidly rolled back, ensuring misery for billions, generation upon generation.

Who made this possible?  Who caused this?  We did.  Angry, heedless, vengeful white American voters.  Lazy, uncaring, disengaged white American non-voters.
Are we good?  Are we good people?  Right now, it is hard to believe that we are.