Tuesday, January 11, 2011

America dislikes democracy - a proof by ten questions

  1. why do we vote in such low numbers?
  2. why don't we want to pay for campaigns with public monies?
  3. why is "running against Washington" or "running as an outsider" such a winning strategy for public office?
  4. why are we so allergic to taxes?
  5. why are business people held in such high regard relative to politicians?
  6. why are the words "politician", "political", "public" and "government" held in such low regard?
  7. why are politicians oft assassinated in our history by ordinary citizens, but business leaders, labor leaders, educators, religious leaders, celebrities etc., are not?
  8. how can we explain the "hanging chads" of Florida and the generally poor funding of elections themselves?
  9. why do lobbyists make so much more on average than do our elected leaders?
  10. why do so many citizens think divided government is such a good idea?

1 comment:

  1. You're so very right, I mean left, I mean correct! Stepping into politics can even turn a golden boy of Hollywood and Hercules of the sports world into a reviled character.