Saturday, February 19, 2011

attention joiners!

After traveling to India last week where all sorts of religions co-exist AND reading a great expose in the New Yorker on L. Ron Hubbard's nutty cult, I'm tempted to start my own religion.  All I need is a good name.  "Scientology" is already taken.  I could use your help in coming up with a catchy one.

Here's the list I developed on my 25 hour trip back home:
  • Scientography
  • Scientonomy
  • Religionetics
  • Scientoscopy
  • Cultifics
  • Scientovedics
  • Temple-onics
  • Beliefonautics
  • Sciencoramics


  1. Beliefonautics is pretty darn good, but less likely to be taken 'seriously' as a new religion. How about Godoscopy -- the intergalactic probe into the mind of the Unknowable?

  2. I am on board if you go with Spiritronics. What better excuse to drink than to have liquor in the name of your religion?

  3. I like Cultifics a lot, too, though. How about Cultifix?

  4. It took you 25 hours to come up with those nine???

  5. Chris: Well, I also watched the flight progress map for a while, too. So, there was that.

  6. This was a fascinating read. Very well written. Maybe I should make reading The New Yorker more of a priority.

    I think the Prop 8 thing was a test for Haggis (in the control mastery kind of way). He was pushing the matter b/c no matter what the outcome, it was a win-win for him. If the "church" had complied with his request of supporting gays, he would have been able to feel good about his membership. If not, he would finally had (and did have) an excuse to break with them, which, I believe, he’s really wanted for a long time.

  7. Jeannette,

    That's pretty insightful (as always).

    I really enjoy the New Yorker.

    But... you're not going to contribute a candidate name for my new religion...?

  8. Since we are the subject; I think "Plate Tectonics" would be an earth-shaking good name.