Sunday, May 1, 2011

Who let the dogs out?

The Chronicle goes on record supporting new rules and new enforcement of existing rules on dogs in federal park land in San Francisco.  Good for the Chron.  Dog owners in America have become very self-entitled through the years.  The presumption used to be on the side of controlling your dog in every encounter with humans, pets or wildlife.  Now the default is to let dogs be dogs, and only control them in certain situations.  Not so much "Dog Is My Copilot" as "Dog Is My Frat Brother".

Things I've heard over the years from Bay Area dog owners:

"Haha!  He's never done that before!"
"Oh, he's just being friendly."
"Dogs!  What are you gonna do, huh?"
"If she wasn't jogging so strangely, he wouldn't have reacted that way."
"Oh, he just likes to act tough!"
"Ginger!  Come here!  Come!  Here!  GINGER!  COME!    Oh, well, hahahaha!"

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