Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Death Panels are so yesterday

Andrew Sullivan of the Daily Beast blogs about Ron Paul's response to Wolf Blitzer's hypothetical question on whether care should be provided for someone who is deathly ill and has no insurance.  (Thanks, for the URL, Yvette!)

My commentary on top:

In addition to asking the Libertarian/Tea Party folks for consistency in repealing the emergency room care law on the books, if they don't like the health care mandate (Sullivan's suggestion in the blog link above), how about a pledge from Tea Party types that they won't use emergency rooms that they can't pay for?  Maybe they could wear MedicAlert style bracelets coded to refuse care for the wearer in public hospitals or in private hospitals that required insurance?  A kind of "do-not-resuscitate" toe tag to be worn by Libertarians and Tea Partiers who have a coherent and principled world view...

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